God is Alive

About a 18 months ago I began working on a project titled, “The Informal Education of William Danney”. The goal of the project was to highlight how one, particularly a Black man in America can acquire proper education.  Education that teaches one about self, history, why and how things are the way that they are, how to apply the lessons of history to one’s present circumstances, how to move forward, learn, grow, teach, lead, produce and ultimately produce leaders.

Even before I embarked on this project journey, I understood that “Lack of Expression Equals Depression”. What that means is, a person needs to be able to express them self, thoughts and ideas and such. From personal experience, it is extremely frustrating for one to be in a situation without the appropriate or adequate tools to articulate one’s thoughts or points of view. It is ever increasingly important that a person, all people particularly people that are not considered formally educated become properly educated. Whether that education is provided or acquired formally or informally it is desperately required in order for people, specifically Black Americans from American inner cities to be able to express and convey ideas, thoughts, plans, strategies, etc to a wider demographic of people as well as additional social circles. While standard education as delivered in the United States either formally or otherwise will certainly continue to sustain the present condition of Black people in the United States, proper education is both required and needed to bring about positive change to so called Black American communities and inner city Black American neighborhoods. Changing the trajectory of Black Americans to a society of people who produce as well as consume, who are aware of true and accurate history and how that history is intrinsically linked to the present as well as the future, a people who continue to exhibit through our products and ideas the genius of creativity, these and so much more are dependent on the delivery and acquisition of proper education. In fact, changing the structural environment of Black American inner cities is contingent on the proper education of Black Americans. Whether that education happens formally or informally, it must be done.

From that project emerged, a sort of spinoff mini project. As I read more and acquired addition information, many things came to realization. For one, I became increasingly aware that the more I learned the more I realized I knew almost nothing at all. Secondly, as I made notes, compared documents listened and learned over time I began to reach a point of expression where I could convey my own thoughts and ideas that were created in my own mind. More importantly I would be able to effectively communicate these ideas to other people in ways that were not available to me prior to acquiring pieces of knowledge.

While researching different philosophers and authors, I started collecting and organizing my notes. So in time I built this collection of thoughts that I titled, “My Disagreements with Major Philosophies, People and Stuff”. In this mini project I cover a number subjects that I personally and professionally disagree with or expound upon to extend further beyond a limited view. This article is a sample of that project In this sample I’m touching on a disagreement I found with Friedrich Nietzsche. Mr. Nietzsche stated that God was dead, I disagree.

This document tackles subject matter that can be considered morbid by many people. I’m going to talk about death now.

To say that a thing, an idea, a person if you will, is dead is to say that where there was once life, now there is no life. This is different from saying a thing or person never existed. That’s an important distinction.

Not being a religious person, I exhibit what some people have called a strange view of faith. Meaning, Faith is the opposite of fact. As far as the human condition is concerned, fact covers everything from Human conception to the point of Human death. Faith surrounds the Human condition. It is faith that covers such ideas as pre-conception and the afterlife.

Again in the factual world we have scientific data, information and theories that attempt to explain the creation of life between two humans. Collections of faith, attempt to describe and theorize what happens before life and after death.

Mr. Nietzsche said “God is dead”. Well I’ve seen dead people. I’m not talking about movie magic or Hollywood “make believe”. I’m speaking actual death of real people. When you see a person who has died either in a hospital or a facility, a house or a home there is an experience that movie cameras cannot capture. There is a certain look that a human body has after life leaves it As you gaze upon the lifeless remains of a human body there is a realization that you are now seeing an empty shell which used to contain vibrant energy and “living” information of a person. As you begin to except that the internal energy of that body is no longer there, you notice the fingers and limbs become cold. You can look into the eyes of a dead body but again you will experience the realization that behind those eyes they’re no more thoughts or ideas and no more energy to reciprocate, respond to or return you gaze. The body that you’re looking upon is dead.

I submit to you the reader, God is not dead. In fact, God is very much alive. While I stand by the fact that one can neither prove or disprove the existence of God, I personally don’t doubt God or the power of God.

Some people have asked me, “If “God” does such grand things as create a whole universe. Why wouldn’t you just solely rely on said “God”to solve all your issues, worries and problems?”

I respond by saying, we are all parts and pieces of a system, a great process. While we do depend on this process of… existence in order to exist i.e. breathe, eat, procreate, etc, we cannot rely on an entity or person to solve all our personal or collective issues.

Now we can call that entity, God, the universe, collective consciousness…really call it whatever you choose however to deny that there is some form of connected energy between objects “living” and non-living within this shared reality that you and I exist is very debatable. As a Black man in America from personal experience Black Americans have to establish “faith” and “hope” in ourselves to realize, properly combat and solve issues that face Black Americans. Religion even teaches that faith requires action.

I see the action of “God” through the work of human providing and delivering proper education to change and correct the Human condition.

God is alive in the eyes of our children and in products of their creativity. God is alive within the minds of people awakening from a long slumber to the realization that destiny is defined by individual action and collective group organization and mobilization. God is alive in Black American inner city neighborhoods. In the coming weeks and months, I’ll be asking people to assist me in affirming this idea.