The Teaching and Influence of Elijah Muhammad

Hello All, I am building a document that discusses the legacy of Elijah Muhammad. To begin, I will establish the history of work that Mr. Muhammad started, completed and initiated within Black American neighborhoods and communities. I will also cover the projects, organizations and initiatives that Mr. Muhammad influenced. From there I would like to document how we as Black Americans have built and more importantly are building upon the foundation that Mr. Muhammad laid down. More specifically, I would like to cover some of the nation building initiatives and projects of the NOI.

So, I have two questions.

Specifically to my brothers and sisters who have been and are studying with the Nation of Islam, can you share some the of the projects and accomplishments of Mr. Muhammad which may not be well publicized?

Second question, there have been several leaders in the “Black American Community” however it appears that no leader has accomplished, organizationally, economically, socially and psychologically that which Elijah Muhammad imitated or built. Given that Mr. Muhammad’s teachings are perceived by some as vehemently brash and even possibly not as positive as they surely are, the lessons of Elijah Muhammad have proven to be transformative and reformative of Black Americans. Religious belief and faith aside, is it time that we as Black Americans begin to at the least incorporate the economic, social reformative, psychological and health lessons of Mr. Muhammad into our lives, family structure and nation building?