Allow me to elaborate. A lot of “Americans” are expressing a “Fuck Donald Trump” sentiment based on their emotions. Meaning, many people are disgruntled that President – elect Trump was selected and elected as the next president of the United States. Particularly in Black neighborhoods as well as in some “Black Communities” people are preaching, prophesizing and expecting gloom and doom from a republican controlled government. So again, folks are disgruntled and upset that Hillary Clinton didn’t “Win” the presidential election. More so however some people are fearful and downright scared that Donald Trump “Won” the election. So out of emotion they say, “Fuck Donald Trump”.

Well for many other Black people, the sentiment of a Trump presidency and republican controlled government is, in the words of Killer Mike, “The boogieman doesn’t scare me”.

I’m not a President Obama basher. However, suffice it to say the past 8 years with a Black U.S. president hasn’t exactly created a utopia for Black people in the United States. Arguably, some Black people put forth the notion that conditions for Black people have gotten progressively worse since President Obama took office. Considering unemployment of Blacks in America, poverty for Blacks in America as well as income inequality for Blacks as well, the past 8 years could be perceived as a bit bleak for Black people in the U.S.

In fact, when president Obama was selected and thus elected, the government was controlled by the democrats. Now some may say Blacks lost more under the democrats than we did under a republican government however many others would argue that Black people in the U.S. have historically been politically fucked by both major parties and then handed the shitty end of the stick to deal with afterwards. Furthermore, in the presidential election of 2016, many Black people expressed thoughts and feelings that the democratic party specifically has a record of turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to issues of “Black Americans”. Unfortunately, for the Clinton campaign this sentiment overshadowed candidate Clinton carrying hot sauce in her bag and doing the “Nay Nay”. Some Black folks had simply become disenchanted with the democratic party. Many Black people opted out of voting for the presidential office while others chose a third-party candidate. It seems 2016 more so than 1964 more appropriately met Malcolm X’s idea of “The Ballot or the Bullet”.

With that said, the realization is such that regardless of which political party manages the affairs of the United States, Black people still have that shitty stick to deal with. More aptly put, this nation and society has much more deeply rooted and systemic issues with which to deal.

Allow me to elaborate further. Residing in some inner-city neighborhoods in the United States can be described as living in a warzone and in certain cases not far from third world conditions. Without going through the whole laundry list of issues, in these living environments some common elements are poverty, hopelessness, crime, homelessness, drug addiction, just to name a few. These elements give way to additional issues in these types of communities such as police brutality and a unproportionate number of legal cases involving excessive force from police departments.

So “Middle-class” Blacks, if there really is such a thing, who are currently residing these types of inner city neighborhoods and communities have specific issues. For example, when the Black “Middle-class” person arrives home from work he or she has to be concerned with getting bashed over the head by someone who is addictive to illegal drugs and need cash to buy their next escape. Or possibly the “Middle-class” person is more concerned about getting hit by a stray bullet flying between two rival drug crews battling over territory and market share. No wait, perhaps the “Middle-class” person is even more concerned about the police not being able to distinguish between him or her and the fucking drug dealers or their customers. Unfortunately, some police departments have developed a sub-culture of “fuck’em all, let central booking or God sort them out” kind of an attitude. That sucks for the “Middle-class” black person that could be facing a light to mid-range police ass whipping followed by an evening or weekend stay in the city’s correctional accommodations for resisting arrest. Or, maybe they’ll just be justifiably shot. After all the hood can be a dangerous place.

Some may ask well why is the “Middle-class” Black person living in the hood. Well ha, ha ,ha that’s because there isn’t a fucking Black “Middle-class”. There’s Black people who have learned finical literacy and Black people that haven’t and in a capitalist society that’s the different between being fucked up and building wealth.

Listen, while in East Baltimore (Ground Zero) I’m not watching out or worried about Donald Trump jumping out from around a corner to “clap somebody”. I’m more concerned about the safety of my family, friends and employees as I gain and teach financial literacy and continue building wealth in inner-city environments.

President Trump and a republican controlled government isn’t going to have an immediate effect if any on the corners of East Baltimore (Ground Zero). Arguably, for the past 60 years, no United States presidents have pushed any policy to significantly reposition “Black Americans into true positions of power and / or to eliminate the negative elements and variables of “Black American” inner-cities neighborhoods. No president, not the first Roman Catholic; John f. Kennedy, not the first one to resign from office; Richard Nixon, not the first one who was a movie star; Ronald Ragan, not the first one who famously received a blowjob in the oval office; Bill Clinton and not the first Black one; President Obama. So, it is in that regard that I say “Fuck Donald Trump”.

Willow Danney